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How to Make Gift Bag?

How to Make Gift Bags  Step 1: Determine SizeLook at the gift you want to wrap and estimate the size of the bag you will need. You can do this by drawing a rectangle around the gift on a piece of scrap paper and then measuring the gift's height. Stack books until the side of the book stack is the size of the rectangle you drew or larger. You may need to make two or more stacks of books side-by-side if your gift is large.This stack of books will be used as a form to create the bag. You can also use a box or a stack of boxes as a form. Step 2: Cut Wrapping Paper  Cut a sheet of wrapping paper to use in making the bag. In one direction, the paper should be the desired height of the bag plus 3/4 of the bag's depth, plus 1 inch extra (2 cm). In other words,the paper measurements should be the height of the bag plus enough paper to fold over the end of the stack of books, plus 1 inch. In the other direction, the paper should wrap around the stack of books, with 1/2 inch extra (1 cm) for overlap. Step 3: Fold Top Edge Place the wrapping paper right side down. Fold back 1 inch (2 cm) along the top edge, crease, and glue in place. Step 4: Books on Paper With the wrapping paper right side down, place the stack of books in the center of the paper near the bottom edge. Be sure that the stack sits above the bottom edge by about 3/4 of the stack's height. Step 5: Wrap and Glue  Wrap the paper around the stack and secure the seam with glue or tape. Be sure that the top edge meets evenly at the seam.Be careful not to wrap too tightly, or it will be difficult to remove the stack of books from the bag. Step 6: Form Bag's Base Make the bag's base by folding the paper over one end of the stack of books like you are wrapping a box. Run your fingers down each edge of the stack to crease the bag's corners. Remove the stack of books from the bag. Step 7: Fold Gusset (optional) To make gusseted (pleated) sides on the bag, pinch the sides of the bag together and crease down the middle of the side. Do this on both sides of the bag.You may also fold the bottom of the bag up and crease it flat—like a grocery bag. This will allow the bag to be stored flat. Step 8: Finishing Touches (optional) · Make the bag stronger by reinforcing the bottom with a piece of cardboard cut to size and placed in the bottom of the bag.· To add a ribbon to tie the bag closed, punch two holes in the top of the bag, while holding the front and the back together. Thread ribbon through the holes. Make the holes stronger by adding notebook reinforcing rings.  · If you used solid-colored wrapping paper, you may want to decorate the bag. You can color it, stamp it, or apply paper cuts. Make your own paper cuts, or print one of these Scottie dog or flower appliqué sheets. 

Besides paper bag,paper box,wrapping paper,what kind of other products your company can offer?

My company is specialized in designing and making paper bag,paper box and wrapping paper. The biggest advantages of Tongle Packing is the customized service for all our clients all around the world.Besides paper bag,paper box,wrapping paper,we can also make so many differnt stationery products made of paper,such as notebooks,paper files etc.We also offer customized nonwoven fabric bags to our clients. Our main market currently is in the United States.Located in the world famous international trade city, our biggest advantage is that we can find whatever customers needs in the whole yiwu market. Send us your kind inquiries to see what Tongle can do for you sir. 

What kinds of customers Tongle packing exports to for paper bags,paper boxes and wrapping paper?

Tongle Packing exports to foreign importers,wholesalers,dealer,traders. We do not do retail business. Warmly welcome the kind inquiries of paper bags,paper boxes and wrapping paper from the leading importers and wholesalers.

How exchange rate between US dollars and Chinese RMB affects the prices of paper bags,paper boxes?

Since the beginning of 2017 to now 2018, exchange rate between US dollars and Chinese RMB greatly fluctuation. At the beginning of 2017, 1 usd equals around 6.9 and even has potential flying to over 7. Nobody expects the big reverse over the half of 2017. It goes down very fast from 6.9 to around 6.20 at the end of 2017. This caused big losses for our Tongle Packing.Take an example, one of our big clients KIK Germany,they placed lots of orders at the beginning of 2017,but delivery time was on the end of 2017. When i was quoting,surely i will quote based on 6.9,but when our Tongle Packing received the all amounts at the end of 2017, 10000USD we lose more than 1000USD(totally we have more than 100000USD amounts) just becs of the exchange rate. Now whole paper gift packaging industry really tough time and benefits too less and cannot bear such big losses. Our Tongle Packing is very serious on the business,we take full responsibilities of exchange rate fluctuation risks,we just cannot let our clients down.As the specialized leading supplier of paper bags,paper boxes and wrapping paper in China,we will continuously offer excellent service and products for our dear clients,no matter order big or small,we make them perfect.

Sourcing paper bag,paper boxes and wrapping paper,why choosing Tongle Packing?

Our biggest advantages:1. A Friendly,Open and Honest Service2. Expert Customer Service3. Fast Turnaround Times4. Strict Quality Control System5. Highest Quality 6.Ethical and fairly trade Products-paper bags,boxes and wrapping paper

What shape and style of gift boxes your company can make?

Rectangle, Square, Circular, Oval, Heartshaped,Special Shape such as Trapezoid,modern design,classy style.   

What is the common thickness of grey board for making paper packaging boxes?

From 600gsm to 1600gsm is normally used for packaging box.

What formats of designs will be good for making paper shopping bags,paper boxes,wrapping paper?

AI,PDF,EPS,TIF,High Resolution JPG. 

How many kinds of finishes your company can do for gift bags,gift boxes and wrapping paper?

Hot foil stamping,Glittering,UV-glittering,3D(popup or tip-ons),UV coating,Embossing,Glossy Lamination,Matt Lamination,Holographic,Metallic,Varnish etc.

Can i know more about your printing for paper bags,paper boxes and wrapping paper

CYMK 4 Colors offset printing,screen printing,Pantone Color,UV printing etc.

What is your export main markets for paper bags,paper boxes and wrapping paper?

Currently our exports main markets for paper gift bag,paper gift boxes,wrapping paper are from: Whole Europe(biggest Germany),North America,South America,South Africa,Middle East,Korea etc.

What is the inspection Standard of your company for paper bags,paper boxes and wrapping paper?

AQL normal II, major: 2.5, minor:4 as our inspection standard.

What if I want to inspect products?

You can come to our factory inspect products before shipment by your company or by third party. We'll strictly observe the inspection standards.

What are the products of your company operates?

Gift paper bags, gift boxes, wrapping paper, cake holders, beverage cup holders, etc. Our company accepts personalized customization.